Marbella voted the most exclusive destination in Europe

The Marbella lifestyle, outdoor green spaces and commitment to sustainable quality tourism have all made possible the awarding of this title to the emblematic city on the Costa del Sol.  Marbella has also been voted as the second favourite tourist destination in Europe for 2022. Los Naranjos Golf together with other companies in the tourism sector have been decisive for the achievement of these awards.


The tourism promotion of Marbella following its second place in the top spots to visit in Europe for 2022, has already reached 2.6 million visitors in two months. Just recently on April 20th, Ángeles Muñoz, the Mayor of Marbella, received recognition from Maximilien Lejeune, CEO of European Best Destinations, who came to Marbella to give out the awards himself.


Maximilien Lejeune pointed out that “Marbella sets trends …not follows them” and that the city “is an example of good practices for many destinations”. “Together you can turn it into one of the top tourist brands in the world”, said Lejeune, who added: “these awards give credit to all the people who get up every morning and work hard to make Marbella an incredible destination for living, investing and visiting”. In the same way he highlighted that the city “benefits from a rich history” and that “it also knows how to face the changes of tomorrow. Marbella is famous for its lifestyle, outdoor green spaces and its commitment to sustainable quality tourism”.


Thanks to the votes of thousands of followers on the Best European Destinations website, Marbella can also boast the title of “Best European Destination 2022”. One of the best sunny destinations in Europe, Marbella is the perfect place for travellers looking for relaxation, shopping, luxury hotels and restaurants and also traditional local crafts, golf, outdoor activities, sport, style and sophistication; all ingredients for unforgettable holidays”. That’s how the city is presented in the European Best Destinations newsletter and on the homepage of the organization´s website. A custom-made promotional campaign will be created for Marbella.


As a reward for all the work done to gain those awards, from now on the Townhall, hotels, restaurants, golf courses and professionals of the tourism sector and services will be able to use this distinctive badge as part of their brand image. Los Naranjos Golf  already shows it off with pride.

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