A Healthy Lifestyle, a commitment from Los Naranjos Marbella

Exercise combined with a balanced diet are the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, introduced into our daily routine with the purpose of feeling  better and preventing illness. Looking after the environment is another important issue included in this new way of living. Los Naranjos Golf, always ahead of the pack and with a solid commitment to customer care, has included a series of protocols focused on caring for the health of its members, visitors and its surroundings.

It’s already well known that playing golf is one of the healthiest sports. A day on the course equals 7 km covered, beneficial for the cardiovascular system, metabolism and the muscular-skeletal system. For this reason it’s said that golf can increase the life expectancy of players by up to five years. Also, the need to maintain concentration for four to five hours of play helps in the prevention of neuron diseases.

Nutrition is another of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Both in the Chiringuito and in the restaurant La Hacienda, menus are rich in vitamins and low in fat and sugar. The oat muffins are famous and so delicious that many stop at the Chiringuito to replenish their energy before starting the second part of the course.

The outstanding pledge by Los Naranjos Golf is definitely the protection of the environment with the incorporation of modern ecological techniques. For example the irrigation system uses 100% recycled water. On top of that a specific type of grass suitable for dry climates has been chosen in order to save water. The dormant period during winter combined with re-sowing not being necessary, means no watering for 5-6 months a year. Nutrition goes through a system of fertigation where all the nutrients and adjustments are applied directly through the irrigation system.

The variety of grass on the greens, more susceptible to disease, is fed only and exclusively through bioactive material, based on bio-stimulants and plant nutrients. Grass has been removed from many areas where the use of chemical products was necessary for its correct maintenance. It has been replaced by mulch and as a result, chemical products are not required: the quality of the soil is improved, it prevents weeds growing and at the same time reduces the evapotranspiration, improves the temperature of the soil and avoids the compaction of the root area around trees, resulting in healthier trees.

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