Luxury & commitment to quality at Los Naranjos Golf

Continuing with its program of distinction and exclusivity, Los Naranjos Golf has joined the Luxury Spanish Association thus ensuring an on-going guarantee of quality at the highest level. The identifying characteristics of the brand Los Naranjos – flawless maintenance and continuous improvements – will now gain even more intensity. 

Loyal to its members, to the image of an elite club and always in search of upgrades, Los  Naranjos has decided to change the usual red, yellow, white and black tee bars and replace them with a system of numbers. In this way, following tee 65, you will play a round of 6.564 meters, the number 61 means 6.154 meters, if you choose the tee with number 58 then it will be 5.854 meters and those who go for number 50 will have 5.054 meters to play. 

There are several reasons for this change: first of all not only it will signal the end of the distinction between male and female signage but also the end of any stigma for senior players. On the other hand the course will be more accessible at all levels, with the option to choose one number or another according to your physical condition or to the difficulty required to enjoy the course, thus offering more enjoyment for players. It’s important to underline that this kind of tee system encourages a faster rate of play as you are not forced to follow a specific colour. Finally the new tee bars include a matched handicap for each number, making it very easy to choose according to the level of the golfer. Some rounds offer the possibility of changing the bars with the course becoming more challenging or more accessible – depending on your fellow players.

Los Naranjos Golf has committed to increasing the numbers of its maintenance staff in order to achieve an improvement both in the standard of presentation and care of the course while at the same time doing small repair work to upgrade the quality of its facilities. This exemplary club always aims to achieve the top level of maintenance as found at the best golf courses in the world. That’s why in the last few years they have been working extensively to get rid of the kikuyu grass that had spread around the property, achieving the result of a clean and homogeneous Bermuda grass which will be of great benefit for visiting players.

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