Hacienda Los Naranjos

Golf courses have evolved a lot in their gastronomic aspect. Going from the classic sandwiches and hamburgers to more elaborate dishes prepared with high quality products. At Los Naranjos Marbella,  always at the forefront of luxury and exclusivity,  they have been offering for some time now a delicate cuisine in their restaurant, capable of surprising all types of palates, to which they add a  top quality service. The gastronomic offer is already so prestigious that not only are the members the most regular diners, but there are also more and more non-golfers customers. 

Geoffrey Sachi has been in charge of the restaurant for a year. Recently he has also taken control of the dining room in order to ensure the best gastronomic experience to their clients . He was born in France and he trained in the best gastronomic schools of the country. He has many years of experience in some of the best restaurants around the world. Finally love brought him to Marbella and he saw in Los Naranjos an opportunity to develop his gastronomic identity: ”We are trying to use the products respectfully, well seasoned, with good flavor and with a good sauce. At the end this is the most important thing. Our cuisine is also very visual. We work hard so that the dishes have a beautiful presentation and at the same time a good taste , using the right dressings and  a correct flavour/quality ratio. We are careful to ensure that what they pay is reflected in the experience. The difference is adapting in a way that, even if they don’t get a Michelin experience, they do have a good product together with the right quantity, as golfers are good eaters.  They like to have good portions, well presented and with a good taste”, explains the young chef.

The restaurant offers an international cuisine adapted to customers who come from different parts of the world. It presents dishes as different as the classic acorn-fed ham dish  to Swedish meatballs, passing through red curry or chicken quesadilla. But if the chef had to recommend one, it would be this: “The dish that I love most is the crispy duck. It is like Peking duck but made in our own style. It is a combination of different steps, various sauces and many flavors. I like it a lot. It is served with pancakes, which is like a very thin wheat omelette where you can roll up the duck with the different sauces : mango chutney, hoisin with apricot, an Asian soy sauce, an oyster sauce and we also make a quite particular aioli from sesame.”

They are open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner until 9:30 PM. It has a comfortable and beautiful interior space and an impressive outdoor terrace with unbeatable views over the important 18th hole. The extensive wine cellar perfectly complements the dishes on the menu. Each day they offer a special dish and they also carry out events and celebrations, both professional and personal.

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