Why our ladies captain decided to become a member of Los Naranjos GC.

To begin with, Anna Ulfsdotter  has been playing at Los Naranjos GC since 2011. Her main reason for becoming a member was because her husband’s family has been playing in Los Naranjos for years. As a result, she wanted to start playing golf that year and it was natural to join with him.

Main duties as a captain…

…are to be the ladies spokesperson and defend the interests of the ladies section within the club. To welcome new female members. Also, to communicate with the club regarding questions that occur on a daily basis and to be responsible for the ladies weekly competitions.

Fortunately for her, to be a team player and a leader, it’s not a contradiction. In this way, she as a captain is always looking forward to welcoming new female members to the team. Currently, there are about thirty active ladies on a regular basis playing the course, either with their husbands or with her friends, mainly a Nordic, Swedish, Norwegian and Finish members. However,  you can also find ladies from, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Russia as well.

The importance of the short game to win the tournaments.

Anna believes that short game is the most important part of the game to score well in tournaments. It requires so much more knowledge and feeling than the long game. Most people can learn to hit long but short, controlled shots are harder and needs lots of practising, the pitching wedge is the essential club to have in your bag, extremely useful!

She is one of the ladies that prefers to walk when she plays. Both in competitions and social games. As many other players get better views of the course and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Actually, the best part for her as female captain is opportunity to meet with friends and new members on a weekly basis.  The atmosphere in Los Naranjos GC is unique. The social life, the interaction among players, members and staff are truly remarkable. Moreover, the golf course is magnificent and very well maintained all year round.

Normally, she is very active and plays every Wednesdays and Saturdays which are Los Naranjos club days. She also plays the Liga tournament, which represents an extra 1 or 2 days more per week.

Los Naranjos Trophy.

Her favourite competition is without doubt Los Naranjos Trophy. A 4-day medal play tournament, which is a great challenge for everyone to play a competition the same way as a professional. In conclusion, the tournament needs to be experienced to fully understand how special it is, so start booking your participation this year!

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