Los Naranjos Golf – luxury & exclusivity in the Golf Valley

If there is one thing that singles out Los Naranjos it is undoubtedly its magnificent premises and the exquisite service you experience there. From the Club House to the cloakrooms, the gym or the driving range, all hold the allure of the most sect and renowned golf courses of the Costa del Sol. Its history is written in gold letters, having been born as the meeting place for the lavish Marbella of the Seventies and still today it is part of the most aristocratic golf circuit in the world.

Just crossing the door of Los Naranjos Golf you get the feeling of that traditional luxury, deep-rooted in Marbella town. The parking, just a few meters from the Clubhouse, without stairs or ramp, offers maximum comfort when arriving and leaving the club, facilities much appreciated by its selected visitors. Careful and individual attention welcomes you with the purpose of making you feel special. The staff speak several languages and their exquisite attention meets the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Los Naranjos Golf was born as Marbella was enjoying its boom time of exclusive parties for the international jet set. While designing the course, Robert Trent Jones was socialising with Gunilla, Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Lita Trujillo or Jaime de Mora y Aragón, who had homes in the town. More than that, at the glamorous summer parties it was quite usual to meet Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Joan Collins,  Liza Minelli, María Callas, Grace Kelly and prince Rainiero. Sean Connery was another international star who loved having a mansion here to celebrate his birthdays and enjoy the golf courses. Today, it’s Antonio Banderas who comes every year to celebrate his birthday in his beach house where the gathers together the top stars in the world of music and cinema. He is also the co-funder, together with Eva Longoria, of the Starlite. Each summer this music festival summons up stars who come from all over the world. Marbella is clearly staying at the top of glamour world, rivalling and sharing renowned visitors with Montecarlo, Porto Cervo or Saint Tropez.

The discretion and good work of the club prevent the disclosure of any names nowadays but this club – with its aristocratic character – still remains an excellent meeting place among the most select names who play golf.

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