Amanda, the new manager at Hacienda Los Naranjos

if you know you can do better, then believe in yourself and do better.”

We’ve being talking with Amanda, our new Manager at Hacienda Los Naranjos Restaurant. Like many of our Members, she comes from Sweden and  and has an impeccable track record. We invite you to read this short interview.
Who you are?
Amanda, a determined girl who loves to have many stings to my bow and is all about good vibes in life. Who also lives by ”if you know you can do better, then believe in yourself and do better”.
What have you done in the past?
When i was 10 i said to my father who worked as a service minded key account manager, i rather go work with him than going to school since he loved his job so much. So whenever he could during school breaks etc, he took me with him all over the nordic countries and included me in his work. That made me fall in love with the service industry and the feeling of being completely your self and enjoying what you do.
My first shift in a restaurant was chaos, but instead of going with the flow. I solved the problems, talked to the guests and made them feel better. That’s when i knew i was in the right business.
What do you expect from Los Naranjos Golf Club in the future?
To grow together. As a team, as a business, the number of members, as a venue for events.
What are you going to offer to our members?
To give that little extra for each and everyone. And make sure you enjoy being here everyday.


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