Join us for an exclusive Golf Summer Camp experience in Marbella!

100% golf & fun!

Los Naranjos Golf Course is offering an enjoyable and unique golf summer camp from 1st July to 26th July 2019. We have programs for players between the ages of 5 and 14 at all levels of ability.

Who we are

We are a team of young and passionate professional golfers with the skillset and necessary knowledge to create an experience that can encourage children and young people to love the game forever.

The camp is run with the best facilities in Costa del Sol under a safe environment with the supervision and participation of:

Daniel Williams, golf coach – Johan Linden, golf coach – Patricia Lobato, golf coach and coordinator

What we do

We apply the latest technological advances in sports training and swing biomechanics to our teaching. During the camp, our golfers will learn the strategic, technical, mental and fitness sides of the game. We promote values such as responsibility, team work, commitment, fair play and persistence in achieving goals, as well as aptitude to face and overcome difficulties.

Our group ratio is 1 professional to every 6 students. The camp is running from 9am to 1pm during the following days in July. Choose any week(s) that suit you. Feel free to attend all three!

  • Week one: 1st – 5th    Week two: 8th – 12th     Week three: 15th – 19th    Week four: 22nd – 26th  
  • At the end of the camp every student will receive a detailed report of their technical game and progress with video analysis, fitness evaluation (TPI), Trackman and much more!

A great agenda every day!

Each day, we will be setting different activities such as golf fitness training, swing analysis, Trackman practice and many more fun activities, allowing for a 360 look into the game.

Save your spot now!

All equipment, snacks and drinks are provided for our students. Each week is €250. (Take advantage of our special offer of a 5% discount if you bring along a second person!). The students transport to and from the camp is not included. The number of spaces is limited, so please contact us now to reserve your spot!

250€ Week  or  80€ day

10% discount 2 weeks    15% discount 3 weeks   20% discount 4 weeks.

More information or inscriptions: 663 864 962 or

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